Durutrade is a foreign trade company established to meet the needs of its customers in the fields of procurement, storage, stock management and logistics with the knowledge and experience of Batu Logistics, one of the leading companies in the field of logistics, transportation and storage.

Durutrade has made it a mission to bring "turnkey" solution suggestions to its customers with its international experience and its distributorship network and the importation of the required
products in the fields of production and service that are developing and continuing to develop in our country. Although it is an undeniable fact that supply management planning and imports require knowledge, the targets of companies to reduce costs encourages 3rd and 4th party businesses to enter the flow of goods and services. For this reason, Durutrade calls itself the leading logistics provider solution partner of powerful businesses and supports the cost reductions of these types of businesses with suitable solution suggestions.

Durutrade provides operational support to your company's procurement needs with its international transportation network and storage unit, of which it is a partner, and plans and stores your material needs for you. It supports your cost reductions with these types of transactions and also offers customized solutions for your company with the consultancy service when needed.

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Stock Management

A need-oriented stock management is provided with correct analyses and correct stock setups. When stock management is done with a balanced stock to meet the needs, it meets customer expectations and enables costs to be minimized.


Import / Export

Raw materials and semi-finished products produced abroad or domestically are designed with the most appropriate packaging and shipping methods depending on customer demands and they are delivered door-to-door. Advantages in foreign trade practices are provided by mediating the transactions between producer / supplier companies and production lines.


Logistics Solutions

The most appropriate transportation organization is provided for all product, semi-finished and raw material products subject to movement. Transport methods can be determined according to the type of product organized and different logistics chain possibilities can be offered. All products supplied from the supplier – manufacturer can be designed as door-to-door delivery and end-to-end solutions can be developed.



Inventory efficiency is increased with accurate and timely inventory
management. Changing customer demands can be responded to faster. Our experts design, implement and execute flexible storage and distribution solutions tailored to the needs of their customers. It mainly provides inspection, receiving, placing, counting, picking, control and distribution service.


Supplier Management

Provides orientation to the right supplier for the right service. While correct supply management reduces the total cost of purchased materials and products, the quality efficiency of the service offered to the customer can be increased with smooth operations.


Delivery Management

A flawless operation is carried out by providing the most appropriate air, land and sea transportation organization and follow-up for all operations starting from the demand received from the customer to the procurement of the product from the network and to the delivery to the customer.


Duru A.Ş has established the most suitable supply chain that can meet the raw material needs both in accordance with high quality standards and in a timely and complete manner even in case of potential disruptions. This has resulted in an increase in customer satisfaction, an improvement in delivery performance, a reduction in stocks and logistics costs, and an increase in productivity.


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